About Us

Since 1969, our family has been steadfast in our commitment to quality, which began when two Greek immigrants opened a grocery market in Queens, New York that imported specialty food products from Europe, including Olive Oil. Two generations later, it’s what has earned Capatriti cooking oils its reputation and continues to set us a part from our competitors.

Rather than relying on the olive harvest from a single country or company-owned grove, our artisans select the highest quality olive oil from the best olive-growing countries from around the globe, including Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

With great care and diligent oversight, our olive oil is imported in bulk. Oil is tested prior to shipping and retested upon arrival at our US Facility, to ensure it meets government standards. From there, our Quality Assurance Department and Production Team ensures that only pure, top quality oil goes into each bottle, with each container designed to maintain the integrity of each drop of Capatriti olive oil.